Inclusive Teaching Toolkit

Image is showing a group of computing students in a seminar class. One student is talking, the others are listening intently.

Equality, inclusion and social justice are vitally important to Goldsmiths. Inclusion means that all students, no matter their physical or learning differences, religious or ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender, age, or family circumstance, should be treated fairly, with respect, and given equal access to opportunities. Inclusive teaching is important, not only because it removes barriers to learning, but it can also promote student engagement by making teaching and learning personally relevant. For these reasons, inclusion forms a cornerstone of Goldsmiths’ Learning Teaching and Assessment Strategy 2017-2021. Please explore our resources below to learn more about how to make your teaching more inclusive at Goldsmiths.

Making Teaching More Accessible

This page provides resources on how to make your teaching more accessible, including a practical introduction to inclusive teaching, presentations and a detailed guideline.

Further Resources

This page provides some useful external resources on accessible design and inclusive teaching.

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