Assessment & Feedback Toolkit

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The Assessment and Feedback Toolkit is comprised of six sections that contain a total of over 40 resources including ‘Bitesize Guides’, films and screencasts, web links, documents (such as policies and guidance booklets) and activities. Rather than provide all this in one unwieldy integrated document, the toolkit is designed as a modular resource where users can pick and choose what is of most interest to them.

Policies, Regulations, Audit and Benchmarking Tools

This section contains documents such as Goldsmiths’ Assessment Feedback Policy 2018 and links to the HEA Assessment Audit and the NUS Assessment and Feedback Benchmarking Tool.

Assessment: General Principles and Resources

This section contains links to an excellent resource from University of Reading, a blog post and a spreadsheet listing over 20 types of assessment.

Feed Up: Demystifying Assessment and Feedback

This section contains five Bitesize Guides on the importance of encouraging meta-level engagement by students on Assessment and Feedback.

Feedback: General Principles and Resources

This section contains nine videos, four Bitesize Guides, a web link and two example marking rubrics.

Feed-Forward: Using Feedback for Learning

Feed-forward involves using assessment for rather than just of learning. There are five Bitesize Guides, two activities, two films and a tutor’s guide on formative assessment.

Participation, Co-Creation and Partnership

This section contains two films and a link to the University of Bournemouth’s project of student partnership.

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