Assessment & Feedback Toolkit

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Assessment and Feedback Methods

This section contains an overview of some learner-centred and inclusive assessment methods: Assessment for Learning, Ipsative Assessment, Varied Assessment, and Co-Assessment.

Assessment and Feedback Design

This section highlights the importance of using developmental assessment and feedback methods, as well as diversity, dialogue and transparency, spacing, consistency, and student-staff partnership in assessment design.

Feedback: General Principles and Resources

This section provides an overview of some evidence-based feedback principles.

Feed-Up: Demystifying Assessment and Feedback

This section contains resources on the importance of encouraging meta-level engagement by students on Assessment and Feedback.

Feed-Forward: Using Feedback for Learning

Feed-forward involves using assessment for, rather than just of, learning.

Policies, Regulations, Audit and Benchmarking Tools

This section provides links to Goldsmiths’ Assessment Feedback Policy 2018, the HEA Assessment Audit and the NUS Assessment and Feedback Benchmarking Tool.

All original resources in this toolkit (resources developed by TaLIC at Goldsmiths) are licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

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