Learning Teaching Assessment Strategy 2017-2021


Goldsmiths’ Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy 2017-2021 is split into five sections:

1. Liberate our degrees: proactively challenge the white, middle-class, ablest, male-dominated curricula that are prevalent across the Higher Education sector, and to centre the work of marginalised scholars on race, sexuality, gender and disability within academia.

2. Research-teaching synergies: challenge the concept of research-led teaching by developing our research-teaching synergies.

3. Access, inclusion and learning support: ensure that all students are supported to engage in every aspect of Goldsmiths’ learning, teaching and assessment.

4. Extending our reach: use technology to extend our reach to learners – nationally and internationally – who wish to experience the distinctive Goldsmiths offer beyond the confines of our physical campus or within alternative forms of education, such as apprenticeships.

5. Graduate futures: develop resourceful, creative and entrepreneurial graduates, ready to pursue and create range of careers and make a difference to the world.

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