Feedforward: Using feedback for learning

This is a photo. It shows a light show from a Computational Arts Exhibition.

“While feedback focuses on a student’s current performance, and may simply justify the grade awarded, feed forward looks ahead to subsequent assignments and offers constructive guidance on how to do better. A combination of both feedback and feed forward helps ensure that assessment has a developmental impact on learning.”

JISC –Feedback and feed forward

Bitesize Guides

Bitesize guide: Feedback, feed forward and ipsative

Bitesize guide: Timely feedback

Bitesize guide: Evaluative and descriptive feedback

Bitesize Guide: Process mapping assessment and feedback

Bitesize Guide: Pixar plussing

Video Resources

Brilliant talk by Randy Nelson of Pixar about collaboration:

Other Resources

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Activity: Evaluative or descriptive?

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Moving from Feedback to Feedforward (This site has a great infographic showing the difference between feedback and feedforward)