Policy & Strategies

Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy 2017-2021

Collegewide strategy which is split into five sections: Liberate our Degrees; Research-Teaching Synergies; Access, Inclusion and Learning Support; Extending our Reach; Graduate Futures.

Assessment Feedback Policy 2018

Collegewide policy that places emphasis on consistency, personalised developmental feedback, staff-student dialogue, student engagement, and staff-student partnership.

Goldsmiths’ Equality Objectives 2017-2021 

Collegewide strategy which focuses around five work strands: Governance; Identity and Awareness; Celebrating Achievements; Learning, Development and Research; and Access and Inclusion.

Student Experience and Engagement Strategy 2015-2018

Collegewide strategy outlining how to give students the best possible experience and support throughout their education at Goldsmiths.